Friday, October 7, 2011

Thrift Store Scores!

A month or so ago, I found this great water cooler at one of my favorite thrift stores. Since we only have a mini fridge in the kitchen at the moment, Jeff had not had ice cubes or cold water to drink (he's very fond of an icy cold beverage) since we moved in. This bubbler provides crisp, filtered water, with the added bonus of a hot tap, too! I'm thrilled with that aspect, because I can make hot beverages or reconstitute bouillon in just seconds. Now that it's gotten chillier, I've used it quite a bit.Photobucket

Then, yesterday, I thought I would pop by the same thrift store since I needed to drop off a donation anyway. I've been keeping an eye out for a dining table, since we sold our Queen Anne set when we moved from the other house. It just seemed too formal and delicate to evoke the warm, lived-in feel I want in the farmhouse. The old dining set:

Jeff bought me six cognac leather parsons chairs for our 10th anniversary, and I've been hunting for a big table ever since. Would today be the day? Why, yes, it is! I found and bought this fabulous trestle table for $100! Here it is:

And the leather chairs Jeff found a few months ago:

This table is huge; 92" long including the two leaves. The best part is the gear mechanism slides that allow me to extend and contract the table all by myself (the base remains in the place and only the top moves). Now, I can extend it to full length to work on sewing projects or set the table for company without help.Photobucket

This trestle style is very hot right now, and I've seen smaller ones selling for $2500!
I'm amazed no other shoppers spotted the potential and snapped it up (though it was surrounded by some pretty horrid looking chairs and they were asking twice as much for the set). The table is waiting in the shop for a refinishing job (I'm thinking a soft satin black on the base and apron to match the chair legs and a waxed natural or lightly stained top). The only down side is the trestle bar at the bottom; DaVinci loves to sleep under the table, and I'm afraid he may have to give up a favorite napping spot. But on the upside, my rug will be less hairy!

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