Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Of...

Here are just a few highlights of our trip to Israel and Jordan. I've realized we are sometimes rather indiscriminate about taking pictures, and also that context is key. Otherwise, half of the major landmarks and historical locations in the Middle East just look like brownish rocks!

View from the Mt. of Olives
On the Mount of Olives

Caesarea, Relaxing with my honey at the seaside.
At Caesarea

Interesting sign in Jerusalem
Really, this sign was on a stall in the marketplace in Jerusalem! We have no idea what they were selling.

Petra, Portrait in front of the Treasury.
I'll give you one guess where this was taken!

Find the slideshow with titles and descriptions here. I promise, it's not overly long and I tried to make it not too boring!

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  1. Hey, great photos! And I totally agree about "context!" otherwise, it's just another stone building, valley, or marking. :)

    I've been working on a blog, and it seems I have so many stories, it would be easier to let the pictures do the talking. Btw, I put my pics up yesterday--enjoy!