Monday, April 15, 2013

M R Ducks

M R ducks.
M R not.
O S A R; C M wangs?
Y I B; M R ducks!

This silly little saying was tickling in the back of my mind while watching our ducklings, but I couldn't quite recall the whole thing. I asked Jeff, and he proceeded to drawl out the entire redneck exchange fluently. That brilliant mind can retain just about anything!

Here's a little video from a week or two ago of the ducks taking their morning bath. They are so amusing!


  1. Ducklings? They look like ducks to me. :) Cute video.

  2. Good point, Sarah! The ducks were around two months old when the video was shot, so they still seemed young. Besides, I think anything you raise will always be partially in a "baby" state in your own mind. I'm betting your dogs are still referred to as "Puppy" every now and again ;-)