Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beijing 2013: Travels

World travel may sound exotic, but the getting there is mostly a grind to be endured. At least, that's the case in the economy cabin! Business and first class seem quite tolerable, maybe even enjoyable, but we have neither the miles nor the moolah for the upgrade, so steerage level for us!

But I can't complain. Our flights to China went as well as could be hoped, with only the basic hassles and standard discomfort that is three legs of a trip to get half way around the world. The upside: I can now say I've been to Japan! We had a connection in Tokyo, although it was dark when we landed and took off, so I can't claim to have seen Japan, just been there. And their public bathrooms are all I could have hoped for. The acclaimed Toto toilet was in every stall with the fabulous Washlet toilet seat that washes your rear, plays sounds to hide your sounds, deodorizes, etc., etc. Good thing there was a multilingual explanation sheet or I might have missed my connection trying to figure out how to flush!

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