Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clearance Cache


While on a morning run to Lowes for some home improvement supplies to complete the day's projects, I popped into the garden center to check on any seasonal clearance items. Imagine my delight to discover that they were having a yellow tag "distressed plant" sale. Not just one or two different types, but many varieties all through the outdoor department were marked down to only a few dollars.

We had come in the car, not the truck, but our Dodge Neon has transported wingback chairs, step ladders, multiple bolts of fabric, and just about anything else we stuff in it. So we filled two carts, checked out, and found we had still a bit more room in the car, so I went back again for a few more! Now I have hostas, hydrangeas, mandevilla, day lillies ($.50 each!), ferns, perennial grasses, and some miscellaneous shade plants, all awaiting a new home. Most of the plants are still quite perky and hardly look "distressed", but with some TLC, I'm sure the few fatigued ones will do their part to beautify the landscape soon.

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