Tuesday, February 16, 2010



One of the biggest boons of Jeff's job as a professor is the opportunity to attend and present at technical and professional conferences. Okay, one of the biggest boons for me, that is! Jeff always invites me along anytime he goes; when it's somewhere industrial like Detroit or Pittsburgh, I usually have more pressing things at home. But when it's somewhere interesting, I always make time. We've been to Hawaii, Cape Code, Baltimore, DC, and now Seattle on these trips.

So I'm presently blogging from the convention center in downtown Seattle on our third day here. Our flights up early Sunday were thankfully uneventful, given the current bad weather on the East Coast. We have a fantastic corner suite with two whole walls of solid glass windows at a very eco-friendly, sustainable brand-new hotel (thank you AAA discount ;-).


We are here almost a week, then we will rent a car on Friday and drive down to the Portland, OR area to spend the weekend with friends.

I've been seeing a lot of downtown Seattle on my own the last few days, but after Jeff presents tomorrow morning, he will be free the rest of Wednesday and all day Thursday so we can explore together. I'll be posting more about our past and future escapades in the next few days.


  1. Great to "see" you again Sarah! Nice hotel your staying at! Do you feel like a Queen staying there? When John, myself and the rest of the crew were up in Seattle after FOT several years ago we went to Ruby Beach. It's beautiful! We watched the sunset on Sabbath evening. If you have time, I'd recommend checking it out. Enjoy your trip and safe travels home.

  2. Oh the perks of business trips! Enjoy you stay and time away in Seattle!

  3. I've always wanted to visit Seattle - how exciting! Those are some real blessings being able to travel with your spouse. Have lots of enjoyment touring!