Friday, July 23, 2010

Horsin' Around

We have had a blast with the nieces. In addition to playing games, going to the pool, sewing crafts, and cooking, the one activity the girls had their hearts set on was horseback riding. I ride hunter/jumper and dressage, and I had mentioned to the nieces that my riding instructor might be willing to give the older girls a lesson. She very graciously accommodated and I took Julia (almost 12), Sharon (almost 10), and Rebekah (almost 6) to the stables with me bright and early Wednesday morning. They got to experience grooming, picking the hooves, tacking up, and basic ground principles in addition to walk/trot gaits in the sand arena and the open cross-country course.

Sharon and Julia on Skittles and Skip

Rebecca loving on Circles after the ride

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