Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea for You, Tea for Me, Four for Tea

On the last night of my sister-in-law and nieces' visit, Rebekah reminded me I had promised her a tea party. We had already planned on a family game of Pictionary after dinner, but it was decided that we had a few minutes to squeeze in the previously pledged entertainment. What began as a quick interlude turned into a real silver tea service, our best china and silverware, my "going to church" hats, and an affected attitude with stuffy accents! It looked like so much fun that even the older sisters asked to join in, which delighted Rebekah to no end (it's surely hard to be so much younger and never have your games or ideas or jokes enjoyed by older siblings)!

Unbeknownst to us, Jeff recorded a fair bit of our impromptu antics, so I'm posting some segments to my embarrassment and their relishment. (The first clip is mostly just serving activity, but the second one has our rather humorous exchanges.)

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  1. How very Jane Austen. That was sweet. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure the girls had a lovely time, it certainly sounded like it :-)