Monday, June 13, 2011

A bun in the oven...

No, not that kind (we're apparently very poor chefs in that arena). The tasty, crackly, crusty, chewy, delicious carbohydrate variety.

The just baked boule in the Dutch oven

I haven't baked artisan loaves in a little while because 1) I was out of my favorite go-to, never-fail, must-have yeast, and 2) it's been so hot and humid I didn't want to leave my oven on 500°F for over an hour.

But Friday felt like a baking day. Actually, Thursday felt like a baking day and Friday like an eating day, because I have to start almost 48 hours before. But the end result was a lovely golden boule with a crisp crackle to the crust as it cooled. And a tantalizing taste on the tongue when tested (forgive the excessive alliteration, but I think you get the picture ;-).

Cooling its heels
(oh, haha, that's pretty funny; the crusty ends of the loaf are called heels,
so it's an almost literal phrase in this case; what a good pun!)


  1. Beautiful! May I have your recipe? And, I love the descriptive-ness. It allows me to taste it as I read! :-) Drooling as I type!

  2. Looks tasty :) I'd love the recipe too. I made the homemade ginger ale, it has a bit of a yeasty taste, but that was before refrigerating, so it'll probably mellow out.