Thursday, June 23, 2011

Packing it all in...

The reality of having to actually pack and move is just starting to set in. The house sale is still moving forward, although with bumps and hiccups along the way. Nothing is final or feels settled yet, which just makes the process more difficult. When we sold our last house "by owner", the communication was much more open. We also leased the house back for a month after closing, so we had plenty of time to adjust to selling and moving. We also had a professional moving company (paid for by Jeff's job) do the work!

So, any moving tips for us? We still have most of the professional moving boxes (especially the nice wardrobe boxes with the hanging bar) and lots of rolls of packing paper stored. Someone recommended some bankers boxes too, because they are sturdy and easy to carry and access. I might call a liquor store and see if they have any compartmentalized wine boxes in which to put glassware and such. Our pro movers wrapped all the furniture in some kind of giant "cling wrap" stuff to protect upholstery and finishes; I might look into something like that for the leather sofa and fine wood. And I've seen ads for these forearm straps that help hold and support the load of big, bulky items; anybody out there ever try these?

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