Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whipper Snapper

I love mowing the lawn! This is a very recent discovery, happily coinciding with the very recent acquisition of a little riding mower.

Our neighbor loaned us an older Snapper riding mower that he doesn't use anymore. I was a bit intimidated at first by the 30" spinning blades, the throttle settings, the gear shift, the hand and foot pedals for engaging the blades, the lack of brakes, etc. It's quite a bit more involved than just priming the push mower and pulling the cord. But Jeff patiently walked me through it and now I'm a mowing maniac.

The mower has had its share of wear and tear, and it gave us a few problem at first. But Jeff persevered and has replaced the belt, fixed the bearings on the wheel, and repaired the front axle when it came apart mid-mow! The mower is sort of hinged in the middle, and every time I go over a big hump or bump or slope, it undulates like a horse maneuvering his forehand and hindquarters. Even more reminiscent of horseback riding is the fact that the seat foam and vinyl are worn completely through on the left side, making the driver's hips sit a bit crooked; so whenever the terrain is uneven, I pitch to the left and feel as though my saddle is slipping!

2012-9-18 004_zpse4050e4a

But there is something relaxing about having a (relatively) easy physical task that precludes any multitasking and frees the mind. And the satisfaction of seeing neat, trim rows of shorn grass is quite pleasant, too!

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  1. I feel the same way. We purposely purchased a walking mower instead of a riding because we need the exercise, and I liked that. But then our neighbor gave us a riding mower, and it's just fun. :)