Monday, July 22, 2013

Small and suite

It's time to get the ball rolling on the downstairs bathroom renovation! After scrubbing it down, disinfecting everything, and giving walls, ceilings, and floor (yes, even the linoleum) a coat of paint back when we moved in, nothing much has happened for the little full bath. The fiberglass tub is badly stained, the galvanized plumbing runs rusty water at times, the toilet occasionally misfires, the ancient wall-mounted sink is tiny and low, and the torn linoleum is curling and peeling. (Is it any wonder we added on the new bathroom upstairs?!) But this little first floor bath has a good layout, great storage, a cute little window, and convenient access as the downstairs bedroom en suite, as well as serving the kitchen and mudroom.

Here's the plan so far:
 photo BAmoodboardcopy.jpg

This will be my first tile laying experience. I've grouted before, and patched a tile here and there, but I plan to take this from start to finish. To that end, I chose a small mesh-mounted glass mosaic for the shower surround. I originally wanted marble, but have you hefted a 12 inch marble tile lately? It's really, really heavy! And it's apparently hard to cut. I had visions of hard, fragile marble tile dropping off the messy mastic walls onto my foot; or worse, damaging the new tub! We already have subway tile upstairs, and I wanted something a little different for this bath, so glass mosaic it is.

The tile, lighting, faucets, and vanity are already purchased. The tub, toilet, and flooring are picked out. All I have to do is get the plumber in to run new water lines. Oh, and of course, wait for our upcoming guests to arrive and depart before I begin tearing the bathroom to pieces!


  1. Sadly, I think all the fun parts (designing and planning it) are already over. Now it's just time for work! If you or your husband have any tile tips, please be sure to pass them on!

  2. I love those glass tiles! We just had our shower re-tiled and had the glass tiles put in as an accent strip in center of the side where the facet is. The rest is done in 4 inch square travertine tiles. It came out looking a lot better than I thought it would. So I think the glass tiles are a great idea!

  3. Yes, I'm really excited about the glass tile. I was originally just planning it as an accent, too, but I couldn't find a field tile I liked with it. In the end, the price was low enough to justify the whole surround in the glass mosaic!