Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Fun??

As you might have guessed from my last post about classes starting, I've been a bit too busy and overwhelmed to blog the past week or so. The time dedicated for class isn't so bad, but being away from home two full days really throws my schedule. Now, I'm packing two lunches instead of one, preparing dinners a day ahead of time twice a week, doing all the shopping and laundry in one day, working on projects for Jeff, and studying and doing homework to get the most out of my class. Oh, and still taking care of chickens, duck, and cat, planning the fall garden, putting in more landscape plantings, tailoring Jeff's new suits, finishing up random DIY projects, and gearing up for the bathroom remodel. I don't know how you moms with multiple bodies to clothe and feed do it! I only have one other human being to care for, and Jeff's quite self-sufficient at that!

I will shamefully admit we have been falling onto the comfy leather couch to eat dinner in front of an old Dharma and Greg episode frequently at the end of our craziest days. Yesterday was a perfect example; after an early morning rise, Jeff watered, fed, and tended to all the animals while I made a hot breakfast. Jeff cleaned the duck pond while I packed lunches and made dinner preparations. We stocked the truck with shovels and gloves for the free plants we were going to dig up that afternoon, thanks to Craigslist. We also needed our dance bag for Samba class, Jeff's work bag, my school bag, and changes of clothes and shoes for the afternoon digging, plus the lunches I'd packed. We barely fit in the truck cab ourselves!

After a full day of work, school, and church paperwork, we changed in Jeff's office, drove 15 minutes to our digging destination, and uprooted seven loropetulum bushes. We loaded and secured them, drove 35 minutes home, unloaded the bushes, showered, had a quick snack, and headed back to town for dance class. We finally got home, sore legs and all, around 8 pm to start dinner and our evening livestock routine, so a little vegging on the couch later while we ate sounded just fine! At least we didn't have to go round up the donkey who got out, like the evening before!

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