Monday, August 12, 2013


Look who Google is featuring today on their decal! It's the physicist Erwin Schrödinger, of all people!

 photo 2013-8-12erwin_schrodinger.jpg

What timing, since our little Schrödinger is very much alive and kicking. He's growing so much, and such a sweet, purring cuddle-bug is he. We'll still encourage him to earn his keep in the shop by controlling the mouse population by night, but he's become quite a fixture in my lap by day! Who knew cats could be so personable?

 photo 91ba8c6f-d427-4a9e-948c-05501e5f7a4f.jpg

 photo 625bddf4-4fac-4bf9-a14e-a39acae8e83b.jpg

He loves to be cradled in one arm and stroked on the belly and chin. His little paws stretch up and alternately flex and stretch, kneading the air while staring into my eyes and purring. He's really, really hard to resist, and even Jeff has taken to carrying him around like a baby.


  1. I missed this post! So THAT'S where the name came from! So, how do you like having a cat? Much different from a dog? I'm much more a dog person myself. But, for some reason everyone I know who has cats, their cats like me! Ick! :-) Anyway, he's a cutie!!!

  2. I'm still definitely a dog person, but I really like THIS cat. I think the very nature of a cat means you have to be the owner/slave of said cat to love and appreciate it. Most dogs will be as loving and obedient to a stranger as they are their owner, endearing themselves to anyone. But cats seem so self-serving and independent, you really have to know a cat well to see the good side!