Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cat Chat

 photo 2013-10-1442.jpg

What is in that tummy? Jeff and I know Schrodinger has been killing a lot of rodents lately. Mostly mice, as we have seen him toying with them in the backyard (or "the killing fields", as Jeff calls them now ;-). I hate the method, but it's a necessity with a barn, shop, animal feed, and pet bedding around. Mice and rats are just part of country life. Dinger did get a baby chipmunk the other day, which we rescued twice, but eventually the cat prevailed.

I wondered what was becoming of all the carcasses, but we finally learned their fate today. We were doing some gardening and saw Dinger catch, kill, and consume a large field mouse from start to finish. It was horrible, but that is the present nature of animals. I was just amazed that he really ate the entire thing, with the exception of what appears to be the stomach. He has left those on our door mat two or three times already. It's either the best part he's gifting to us, or, being a cat, likely the worst part he doesn't want to eat!

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