Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Work

I know it's been months since I mentioned the downstairs bathroom renovation (you remember, this post?). I haven't posted more about it because...nothing's happened! Well, I've been getting quotes, making measurements, gathering more materials, etc. But only in the last few days have we committed ourselves.

That commitment came in the form of destruction. Once you start tearing something out, you really have to keep moving forward! We wanted to do this in the most tidy and methodical way, so it's slow going. We're using a Dremel tool with small drywall bit to cut out the shower surround and tub. Thankfully, it's a two piece model, so it shouldn't cause too much damage to the existing walls to get it out. Our plumber is tied up with a few other jobs before ours, so that buys us some time. We decided to go all in and have the toilet moved over (which involves breaking up the concrete) and vanity re-plumbed also, not just the shower. So the work involved is a little more extensive (and expensive ;-), but it should be worth it!

 photo 2013-10-28003.jpg
Bit by bit! We went through five or six bits just to cut all the way around the tub and surround

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