Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Red-dy, Set, Tile!

I'm so excited! We're finally to the fun part. Building the tub surround has been a long, slow process due to out-of-square walls, wonky studs, lack of tools, and not enough time. Jeff has done a marvelous job framing for the cement backerboard and building the shampoo niche. It was my job to caulk, tape, and mud with thinset to even out all the awkward transition spots. Then, in a romantic little duet, we both climbed around each other in the tub to apply the vivid RED waterproof membrane as quickly, evenly, and neatly as possible.

And today, the moment has nearly arrived. The tub area will finally look like a place to shower or bathe, instead of a dusty wall or a glowing neon inferno. Tile time!

The process:
 photo 2013-12-10012.jpg
Protecting the tub and framing the wall
 photo 2013-12-24009.jpg
The much measured, plotted, and planned shampoo shelf
 photo 2013-12-24011.jpg
Mudding the joints with thinset
 photo 2013-12-24021.jpg
Feathering in the strange wall thickness
 photo 2013-12-24048.jpg
Jeff touching up the very red RedGard membrane
(the Pepto-Bismol pink coating dries red, so you know it's cured)
 photo photo-6.jpg
Placing the very first tile. Only about 70 more sheets to go!

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