Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remnant Revival

Hancock Fabric is having a big remnant sale, so it inspired me to photograph my powder room valance created from leftover fabric. I love to dig through the piles of discounted flat folds on their back tables and piece together coordinating scraps. This valance only takes 1 1/4 yards each of two complimentary fabrics, so it’s perfect for leftovers.

I just sew the fabrics with right sides together into a big square “pillow cover”, leaving two small 3” openings at the very top left and right sides and one larger opening somewhere near the bottom middle to turn. Then I turn and iron everything flat, slipstitch the bottom opening, and sew one straight line of stitching straight across 3” down from the top to form a rod pocket with the previously mentioned 3” openings at each end. Shirr fabric onto valance rod, pleat up the bottom as desired and anchor pleats with ribbon or fabric ties looped over the rod and knotted. You can sew in or hot glue on trim for the bottom edge, which gives it a more finished look, but the trim almost always costs more than the valance!


  1. Great looking curtains Sarah! Thanks for the link to your blog. Great to "see" you. I was just talking to John the other day about you two. It's been awhile since we've seen Evans, Inc. Looks like your getting settled in Alabama. Maybe we'll get to see you in February in OK?

  2. Those are really pretty! I just started the same project for the boy's room with some $1.50/yd sky blue fabric I found. I'm sure it'll be a blog post when I get it done. :)