Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rain (and hail) in due season

We've had three hailstorms in the last month or two, so insurance is paying for a new roof! We really needed one anyway, so this is quite a blessing. The house was a foreclosure when we bought it, so it was a great deal but there was no info on the age of the roof, which seems to be much past its prime.

Since the opportunity has presented itself, I'm thinking of going with a darker brown shingle. I like the body color of the house, but I've never cared for the taupey-gray trim. I would love to paint just the trim someday, but I don't really know if that will ever happen. But insurance is paying for new gutters, which they will paint as well, so now would be a good time! I might have time this fall to get the trim painted, but I'd have to commit for sure if I have the gutters done now. Decisions, decisions!

I think a woodsy brown roof would still leave me lots of trim options. An online friend did some Photoshop for me; the third picture is a close up of the house with rich brown architectural shingle and Jamesboro Gold trim. What do you think?

House front from street
House from across the street

House front
Close up

Close up with proposed roof and trim


  1. hmm, can I be jealous just for a few moments? Your house looks so inviting and friendly, yet peaceful and not bombarded by close neighbors ... (sigh).

  2. Thanks, I never thought I would like a house in a "subdivision" after our historic bungalow, but this home and neighborhood seemed different. It's older and very eclectic, so every house is unique. Da Vinci (the dog) only regrets that the large unfenced front yard isn't available for romping; it's almost as big as the back!

    Do you think the darker roof and trim make it look homey and more inviting? I feel like the additional contrast really warms it up.

  3. I do think the darker color gives it a homey and more comforting feeling.
    Really? It's in a subdivision? I wouldn't have been able to tell.