Friday, September 4, 2009

Looking up


We returned home well after dark last night following a late dance class, and the full moon was already quite high in the sky. This gave Jeff a perfect opportunity to try out his new telescope, since any astronomical object must be well above the horizon to be seen from our yard with the forest of pine trees sheltering the neighborhood. He strategically parked the pickup truck and used the roof of the cab to steady his new Celestron. So there we were last night, standing in the bed of the truck observing the brilliant moon, and wondering how long it had been since we last had a good long upward look at the sky.

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  1. I love moon watching! We don't have a telescope (Conner's is inaccesible back home in Texas), but we have our awesome "porch" swing in our front yard from which we can watch the moon rise every evening from it's ascension over the horizon all the way to when it reaches our backyard several hours later. It's an object of much beauty!