Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the heat of the night...

With daily highs in the triple digits for the past week (and heat indexes of 110 for three days running), our upstairs heat pump finally gave out. We have been limping it along for a year or so now, having refrigerant added several times and a hard start installed. But this afternoon it must have officially died. I quickly noticed the increased humidity even before the temperature started to climb inside.

But thankfully, since we have such a large house, we also have two independent HVAC units. We had the downstairs unit replaced just last year, so we can enjoy the efficient, cooling, dehumidified drafts while we wait for the upstairs replacement.

For fun (and comfort), we decided to "camp out" downstairs in the living room. Since it's more formal than the family room, it gets less use, so it's about time it pulled its weight; I just never thought it would be as a master bedroom!


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