Friday, October 29, 2010

Boot Blues

I'm breaking in a pair of new (to me) tall English riding boots, and the going is painful. Like any personal garb made of quality leather, it takes awhile to soften and conform to your unique shape. Though the world seems to think riding boots are the height of fashion, they are one of the most painful, cumbersome, and expensive pieces of gear in an equestrian's collection. If it weren't for the great positioning and protection they offer, I would go back to my short paddock boots in a heartbeat!

Jeff has some tricks for breaking in baseball gloves, but if anyone has leather footwear tips, please pass them on! I've read of a whole host of ideas such as baby oil, steam, urine (apparently the cavalry of WWI and WWII did this!), hot water in the boot, and lots of commercial creams and other store-bought products.


  1. This might be uncomfy; but Conner (who's had many a pair of leather boots "in his day" recommends getting them soaking wet and then wearing them straight through until they dry. He says this will make them dry, conforming to your feet.

  2. Thanks Melinda. Does he wet them inside and out or just one or the other?

  3. He said it really needs to be inside and out; but you might try just out. Either way, he said they definitely need to be worn until completely dry or they'll get stiff.