Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canada, eh?

Bella Vista view
View over the Bella Vista region of Vernon, BC

We had a fabulous time in Vernon, BC! British Columbia is a gorgeous province, and Canadians are so very nice and friendly. The weather couldn't have been better and the setting was very picturesque with lots of family-friendly activities and sites.

We enjoyed a day at the Historic O'Keefe Ranch, a property just outside of town that was one of the first settled in the Okanagan Valley. It has been preserved as a historic site with the original main house and many out-buildings, plus a great steak restaurant, petting zoo, antique farm equipment, and other assorted attractions.

Family Day was held at the Davison Orchard, a family owned farm on 60 acres with produce of all kinds grown and sold locally. We had a brown bag lunch, apple cart ride around the orchard, and plenty of down time on the green grass for football, dominos, checkers, browsing in the gift shop for local artisan products, and just plain basking in the sun.

Vernon is a fairly small town, but it's very well taken care of. We enjoyed a walk downtown through a few of the many large murals painted on building sides. Polson Park was a small green haven when we needed to relax after a busy week. We ventured outside of Vernon for a trip south to the Gray Monk winery, as well as a day spent in Kelowna, the nearest city of significant size.

All in all, it was a beautiful trip to our North American neighbors. I definitely recommend the region to anyone who has a chance to visit!


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