Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tennis Time

Tennis courts at night

In addition to ballroom dancing (for us) and equestrian pursuits (for me), Jeff and I have been eager to get just a little more physical activity into our lives. With the beautiful fall weather making outdoor pursuits enjoyable instead of onerous, we have taken up tennis once again.

Jeff was instrumental in forming his high school tennis team 'back in the day' and we've been playing off and on since we were married. He's a natural athlete (and a true boy at heart) and loves any game with a ball. My only "ball" sport as a youth was soccer, preferring gymnastics, dance, horseback riding, and track to hitting, throwing, or shooting balls. But I always thought I might like tennis, and thanks to my husband's coaching I've had the opportunity to prove the merit of that belief.

I really enjoy the bursts of running juxtaposed with the tense moments of anticipation. There are fresh starts at every turn, a new chance to turn the tide if need be. And equally so, never a moment when you can rest on your laurels for a good serve or a picture-perfect return. It makes for a stimulating method to burn some calories and have some together time!

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