Sunday, December 12, 2010

Playing in the Snow

All you Yankees might think we live in the Deep South, but I'll have you know it's actually NORTHERN Alabama! Jeff always points that out. Today it was more evident than usual by the freezing temperatures and blowing snow.

We are trying to stay dedicated to our exercise schedule, so our Sunday morning routine of tennis could not be postponed. Despite the cold and snow and wind, we bundled up and headed out to the courts. Our very treed neighborhood was obviously sheltered from the winter weather, because as soon as we got out on the main street, we questioned our ability to play (and our sanity). We played about 30 minutes in the cold and snow until the wind began to blow horizontal ice pellets across the courts and the baseline was getting icy. We even had to scrape the windshield of the car before we pulled out of the parking lot, which is a rarity here in the South!

I know it doesn't look like much, but the iPhone doesn't capture the snow very well (though you can see the ice on the courts)

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