Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bublé Boogie

Jeff surprised me last Thursday night by announcing that he needed to pack for the weekend. I was confused by the reference until he used his iPhone to bring up a favorite Michael Bublé song and I realized he had bought tickets to the live concert in Nashville! We had tried to find a show in the past, even looking while we were in Germany and Michael Bublé was simultaneously touring Europe, but it hadn't worked out. But Sunday evening we enjoyed the show from the front row of an upper balcony directly overlooking the stage. Although I've been to numerous ballets, operas, symphonies, etc., it was my first real "concert" in the popular sense.

The opening act (and guest performers on a select number of Bublé songs) was Naturally 7, a seven man a cappella/vocal play group. It was really an incredible warm up, as these men used no instruments whatsoever but were, in fact, the instruments themselves. They become the drums, the bass, the electric guitar, the scratching turntable, the trombone and other brass, miscellaneous percussion, etc to accompany their lead singers.

Naturally 7
The main show opened with great theatricality and continued strongly for the next hour and a half. In addition to his many recorded hits, we enjoyed Twist and Shout, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, and a Michael Jackson impersonation. The live band was fabulous and it was an incredible evening. We capped it off by a easy walk back up the hill to our cozy hotel room.




  1. Of course! Michael actually encouraged the audience to dance, sing along, whatever made us happy. He said in a big stadium like that in the booming city of Nashville, you will never see your seatmates again, so don't be afraid to look like a fool ;-)