Sunday, February 13, 2011

Going Green

Now that we have a string of sunny days, we are finally getting to a few outdoor house projects. One item I have been wanting to accomplish almost since we moved in is the removal of the ivy all over the back windows.

While that sounds simple, it isn't so much over the windows as IN the windows. We have our own little greenhouse going, as the ivy climbing on the exterior brick worked its way between the two panes of glass forming our large immovable picture window. It is happily thriving in a warm moist environment, while simultaneously darkening the room and fogging the panes (due to plant transpiration at the stomata, as I've learned in my Master Gardener class ;-).

Since the window frame had been painted over, it took Jeff some time to loosen all the screws. But manage it he did, and we wrestled the large outer pane to the ground, removed the ivy, and thoroughly cleaned the many layers of glass. Let there be light!

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