Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving on...

What does one do when the house has been remodeled, updated, beautified, and completed? Why, sell it, of course! (Or at least try, given this uncertain economic and housing climate.)

We have had our purchase offer accepted on a dream property. Perhaps it is more like someone else's nightmare, but we are very excited about it!

We have a unique opportunity to simultaneously downsize, get great loan terms, maximize our location, and renovate another old house. We have discussed all of those desirable goals in the past, and this complete package just sort of fell into our laps. If it's really an open door, then we know things will work out with our current home. If not, then we probably have our answer!

So, to that end, we have been wrapping up all the finish details here at home. We've interviewed a few realtors and selected a great team to represent us. It should be an interesting process, regardless of the results! More on the new opportunity later...


  1. Wow! How exciting! Where is this new location? And to seems like you JUST moved into the one you're in now. Will be praying about the whole situation for you guys - it sounds super-duper exciting!

  2. Thanks Anna; we appreciate your prayers as this is a big undertaking! We will have been in our house three years this summer, but time does fly. The house is in the neighboring town, but it's closer to the highway so Jeff will save 25 minutes round trip every day on his commute.