Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Delicious in Decatur

We have a world famous BBQ joint in our town! It's won numerous awards and been featured in untold number of food shows, TV programs, newspaper articles, etc. I had been in once to pick up some meat to go and take it to an older friend of ours who no longer lives in the area and missed the food, but we had never eaten inside ourselves.

Jeff's mom is a big fan of cooking shows and food TV, and she had heard about our local Big Bob Gibson on some national programs. So of course we had to go! It's nothing special inside as far as ambiance goes, but since it's been around since 1925, you know they aren't coming just for the decor. The food was wonderful and quite reasonably priced. I had the BBQ Stuffed Potato, which is a huge baked potato with all the toppings, plus smoked meat of your choice and options of their three renowned sauces. It was so large I only finished half and took the rest to go! I can't say much for their pies, but with main entrees so good, why leave room for dessert? Come visit us sometime and we'll be sure to take you for a finger-lickin' good time!

Big Bob Gibson, winner of:
Today Show Challenge 2009 Champions
National Barbecue Restaurant of the Year
Fiery Foods 1st Place Champion Red Sauce
Chili Pepper Magazine 1st Place Mustard Sauce
and many, many more

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  1. We would love to come for a visit and have some of that good old BBQ from that little JOINT. We miss you