Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break!

Jeff is on Spring Break this week, a well-deserved respite from the semester grind. His mom is visiting for a few days, as it's her spring break also. A nice coincidence that they correspond, since it's different schools at different education levels in different states!

We've planned a nice, relaxing stay-cation (or holistay, as they apparently say in the UK, which is quite cute). Since we're anticipating a trip to Italy in June, we didn't feel the need to go anywhere or pack anything extraordinary into the week. A few meals out, some days on the town exploring local attractions, and lots of rest are on the agenda. I still have Master Gardener classes and an equine workshop this week, and our regular dance lessons and tennis practice take up some other evenings, so we aren't straying too far from the norm. But just a little break from the routine and little R&R will go a long way!

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  1. Stay-cation...that's cute! Wow...Italy! For vacation? Work? Both? Where in Italy will you be? Boy, that's going to be super fun for you guys.