Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bloom Where You're Planted

...or maybe I should revise it to say when. One of the things I was most looking forward to this season was seeing all our bushes and trees and bulbs blooming. It's our first spring in the farmhouse, and I had identified forsythia, spirea, flowering quince, all kinds of narcissus, and a tulip magnolia, among other early bloomers. We've had a rather mild winter overall, and by early February had already experienced 70+ degree sunny weather. It was just beautiful. Every bud was peeping through and just ripe to burst forth. And then they did! And then it froze!

All of the plants are well established so there was no concern over survival. But the tender petals of the tulip magnolia fell victim to the cold snap. We enjoyed about two days of opening flowers, and then they were limp, blackened remnants. But I'm happy to report that a few reluctant buds must have been hiding out and managed to weather the storm. So we may not have a full glorious tree to admire, but we take great pleasure in the strength and beauty of the few solitary blossoms.


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