Friday, March 23, 2012

Frazzled Friday

It's been a crazy, hectic day. It started out raining (not good when you have contractors tracking in and out all day). Then it cleared up and got sunny. But by then we had discovered our phone wasn't working. A call to AT&T resulted in a technician coming out and checking our wires (more tracking in and out). There was a short in the line and it knocked out several of our jacks. He at first thought it couldn't be fixed, but ended up repairing one line and running another new one. So it all worked out, but you should have seen the footprints on my floors! Between the HVAC guys coming from the back porch up the hall and to the attic, and the phone tech going in and out of all the rooms to check lines and down to the basement, it looked like an old Arthur Murray dance pattern gone wrong!

But since it was nice out, I just let them run rampant in the house and went out to enjoy the pleasant weather. No use vacuuming and mopping until the end of the day! So I photographed our recent roses that Jeff planted for me in my new beds beside the house, and took a few pictures of the blooming baskets.


It doesn't look like much yet, but you should have seen this area before we started! It was overrun by weeds, a scrubby tree (way to close to the house!), and some overgrown yucca that were rooting under the driveway.

I planned an alternating pattern of Sunny KnockOut Roses (the only scented variety) and a small Red Drift rose, a groundcover version.



I'm very happy with the baskets. I was a bit concerned Jeff would think they were a little too "old lady", but he's told me several times (unprompted!) how much he likes them. I'm already planning ahead to what plantings I'll do for the summer when the pansies fade!


  1. I just love the analogy of an old Authur Murray dance pattern gone wrong! Great image!

    And then later, to mention "unprompted!" *chuckles*

    Was nice to see you both yesterday--it's been too long! :)

  2. I love the hanging baskets! So beautiful! They really add to the beauty of your home.