Monday, August 20, 2012

Coop de Jour

Our little "rag top coop" has a new top! (Sorry for the puns; we've been having a lot of fun at the chicken coop's expense.)

One of our last projects before Jeff is back teaching classes full time was updating the coop. It was built badly, un-plumb, out of square, etc. by the previous tenant, but the posts were set in concrete and it had sides and a door. We had fixed the wire mesh several months ago when the chicks needed an outside home, but it still had no roof. We had tarped it for a little protection from the strong winds, sun, and rain, but that was a very temporary fix at best. So using (almost exclusively) scrap materials laying around the farm, Jeff designed and constructed a proper metal roof.


Just a little shot of the joists and roof underside

After all the effort he put in, I'll be reminding the girls daily that it's time they repay him in eggs!

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