Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Newest Addition

Jeff told me today he's excited about our new addition. I had to laugh, because to anyone else, that would sound like we're bringing a baby (or at least a baby animal) home. But no. Our new addition is actually to the home!

We are moving into Phase 2 of the bungalow renovation. This is the chapter in which Jeff and Sarah get a real bedroom and bathroom of their very own.

Since it's only the two of us to begin with, I suppose all the bedrooms and bathrooms are technically ours. But we are currently residing in what should be (and will be) the study. And we are using what should be (and will be) the downstairs hall/guest bath. The upstairs of the house has been mostly lonely, lowly storage facilities. But it's a great space with two semi-finished (by 1920's standards, anyway) bedrooms, and another unfinished space with lots of potential for the master bedroom.

But no bathroom upstairs. And no good way to use one of the existing rooms for that purpose. So the plan is to add a large gabled dormer into the attic space on the rear of the house, like so:

Existing floor plan:

Proposed plan:

When Jeff first saw this version of my plan, he said I was dreaming big. But after getting some quotes, searching for salvaged building materials, and being thrifty, I think we can get the custom tiled shower, the free-standing clawfoot tub, the double vanities, and the tall triple windows all within our cash-only budget. Oh yeah, and the room to contain it all, too!

Inspiration shower:

Tub like this, but under three longer windows (minus the seaside view):

Two vanities, arranged a little like this (or maybe just one long one):

As part of the reno, we will have the whole second floor rewired (or wired, as Jeff says, given that there are only three pull chain light fixtures and one electrical outlet in the entirety of the upstairs). We'll also insulate all the rafter bays and wall cavities, most likely with a new spray foam application that also acts as an air barrier. Not that old houses are drafty or anything; we just feel the need to be on the cutting edge of building science ;-). If I can find a good deal or a gently used version, we'll also upgrade to a tankless water heater to save space in the mudroom/laundry. We are slowly but surely nudging this old lady of a house into a fresh and stylish new lifestyle.

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