Friday, August 31, 2012


Jeff went with me Thursday to pick up the antique clawfoot tub I found on Craigslist. It was very sweet of him to take the morning off and accompany me, but sadly it meant no one was left home to come get us when the truck broke down on the return trip less than three miles from the house.

We don't any idea what the problem is yet. We were driving merrily along down the only hill in the whole stretch before our exit when Jeff suddenly said something happened. He lost all ability to accelerate or shift, but thankfully steering and brakes still worked. And we have AAA, which tows up to three miles for free. We were 2.9 miles from home, to be exact; so after an hour wait, the rollback wrecker showed up and we had a little pyramid going on. The tub on the truck, the truck on the wrecker, the wrecker on the road, and the two of us in the cab with the driver.


Home again safe and sound, we now have to get the tub out of the truck (and did I mention Jeff has a broken finger?) before we can do much about finding and repairing the problem. But that will have to be an adventure for another day, as Thursday, Friday, and the rest of the long weekend are already booked full!

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