Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pretty Pecans

It's been really busy around here lately, but we have discovered one time-saver. Cracked pecans! I was told last year by the local farmer's coop that our pecans were too small for their cracking machine. They tried to run a few through and it just didn't work. So we gave up and cracked by hand. It is very labor intensive, messy, and a bit painful, so we had bags and bags of pecans that went to waste in the shop over the summer.

This fall, we've had another bountiful crop. I didn't want to pick up all those pecans if they were just going to go bad again, so I spent some time calling around. I found another feed store that has several machines that can handle a range of pecan sizes. So with a hopeful heart, I took in a few buckets to see what they could do. It worked! Eureka! Now I just need to collect recipes to use all these tasty pecans. If you have a dish that uses lots of nuts, please send it along. My deep freezer can only hold so many bags, and I've got to get cracking and consume some of these.

We've been picking up buckets full like this everyday!


  1. That is awesome, what a great problem to have!

  2. I don't have an actual recipe, but I had the most amazing cake (I think it was even unleavened) that substituted ground pecans for the flour. If you can find a place to get them ground (or if you have your own grinder) you could experiment with some pastry recipes!

  3. Yes, a nice problem in deed!

    Charity, what a great idea! I hadn't heard of pecan meal before, but I've since found several recipes using it. Apparently it's a lovely low carb, no gluten substitute for flour. Jeff is salivating to try a pie recipe with pecan crust and sweet potato/maple syrup filling I found. I'd love to hear more about the cake you had, since I've not found anything quite like that yet.

  4. I can't get the recipe for the one I had; it was from a little chocolate café in Plymouth (Chocaccino) and it's apparently their secret recipe, but a friend who was there with me found this recipe which looks similar and absolutely amazing (if not at all healthy!):

  5. That recipe does sound great. I'll add it to the "can't wait to test" pile!