Thursday, February 28, 2013

Delicious Nutella

We had another get-together and dinner for Jeff's grad students, so this time I made chili and cornbread and, for dessert, a chocolate hazelnut cheesecake. It needed to be gluten-free, so I used our pecans to make a nut based crust. Jeff and I had a fun discussion about cheesecake properties and cracking (since he is a fracture guy). I almost hoped the cheesecake would crack, just so he could analyze it, but it turned out lovely and smooth (I suppose I could have skipped the water bath if I really wanted to encourage it to split).

I didn't think to get a photo until I was cutting into it, so Jeff snapped an image with his iPhone.
 photo b8ab65aa-8578-4ffa-a513-0043bb0fa6a3.jpg

A slice with cherry glaze on top. Yum!
 photo db189cb8-4641-43fd-9cdc-a9c3f9092c6e.jpg

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