Monday, March 18, 2013

Lucky Duck

Our latest fowl adventure is the incorporation of ducks into our little menagerie. I bought four Pekin ducklings the other week. They are only sold as straight run, so we don't know gender yet. Names are under consideration, so if you have any suggestions (keeping in mind Jeff's "punny" sense of humor), be sure to leave a comment! As Pekins are the white breed best known as the Aflac duck, we are toying with a bevy of insurance company names (which would also be gender neutral)!

Ducks are adorable, but, wow, are they a lot of work! They are ten times as messy as chicks, and it's a constant battle to keep food and water available. They go through a gallon waterer in under a few hours, even when I provide a separate pan of water to play in. They gobble down food like little jackhammers, sending bits of starter feed flying every which way. The heat lamp casts a glow even at dark, so I have to tip-toe around to check on them in the early mornings and evenings, because if they see me they pop their little heads up and start whistling like mad to be feed and watered and bathed. They are wearing me out!

 photo 2013-3-12150.jpg

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