Monday, May 20, 2013


In the Internet forum world, "DH" is shorthand for "dear husband". In Jeff's eyes, it will always be "designated hitter". But today, my DH title is for "Designated House".

After taking down the (rather ugly) house numbers last spring to paint the fascia board, we finally have numerals on the bungalow again! I realized it was a problem only because we switched out the old mailbox a month or so ago and haven't found attractive digits for it yet. So here we sat for several weeks with no address numbers anywhere on the property. I always hate when houses aren't well marked, and I had fallen into the trap myself. Good thing Jeff has long arms and could reach to mount these floating numbers I so love!

 photo ed2ec459-85b2-4ec4-891f-564f05bdda4e.jpg

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