Thursday, May 23, 2013


We currently have no gutters on the house (I have my eye on half-round copper ones, but that would be done the road a bit). As such, there is an area on the front corner of the house that washes out frequently when it rains. It happens to be right in the landscape bed, so I avoided planting anything there for fear it would be ruined. But now that all the other landscaping had gotten established and lush, that desolate area looked forlorn.

So I decided to take a chance and see if plant material will 1) brighten the spot, and 2) keep the soil in place as an erosion barrier. It's just free and clearance plants, so there is little risk. I'll report back after a few gully washers and update the blog as to our success or failure!

 photo ad225e0d-0281-482a-933c-fa7aa29ca3c6.jpg
This corner used to be bare, but some Blue Rug Juniper and a few leftover annuals will soon fill in and hopefully make it cheery and secure.

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