Friday, May 13, 2011

Busy, busy week

We were out of town for Mother's Day until Monday night and hit the ground running on return. This is after having to take lengthy detours to reach and return from our destination, given that a major stretch of I-40 was closed due to flooding. Our new upstairs heat pump was installed while we were gone, but we arrived home to find it not working. A service call Tuesday had it running fine, until we heard a very worrisome, noisy "drip drip" in the walls that began at about 9:30 at night. Jeff ventured into the attic to check the air handler and found a few problems that required another service call the next morning!

I had a two hour riding lesson in the blistering, humid weather (already 91 degrees F!) Wednesday. It's the first ride this year where I've had to fully wash down Flame after, and I certainly didn't mind the cooling overspray. Then Thursday was my last Master Gardening class (held at the regional botanical gardens), followed by our final exam. Today Jeff and I worked at the farmhouse all morning tearing up linoleum. I have an appointment late this afternoon and still have to prepare a snack for church tomorrow. Jeff is not feeling well and the dog appears to have an upset stomach and possible fleas from the boarding kennel. All in all, it's been a full week of productive pursuits, so I can hardly complain. I look forward to a rest from our daily cares!

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