Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The flames meet...

Jeff came out to the stables on Monday to meet the horse I've been riding for the past year. In almost a decade of marriage and various equine mounts at several facilities, I don't think he'd ever seen me ride before! It was fun having my steady flame (Jeff) meet my new flame (Flame)!

I rarely have the opportunity to study pictures or video of my posture and riding technique, so Jeff recording some clips and still shots to help me out. Flame was not in his best form and it was already hot and sticky by 7 am, but we managed all the gaits and a few decent jumps toward the end for good measure.

P.S. Just keepin' it real, I didn't edit the moment of Flame's little temper tantrum. Like any young thing being educated, there are episodes of rebellion!


  1. That's pretty cool; I've never really gotten to see you ride before. :)

    What was the song that was playing? I recognize it, but I can't place it.

  2. Hi Char, I'm glad you liked it. The music is from the Japanese animated film "Spirited Away" (Sen To Chihiro Kamik) by Joe Hisaishi. I have it as one of our waltz practice numbers (although it's definitely not strict tempo, nor even steady tempo ;-)