Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We survived...

This was the worst tornado event in Alabama history, so storm forensic experts are saying. Maybe the worst in US history. I don't think I've ever heard the sirens sound so many times in one day. We woke up to and just about went to bed to it last Wednesday. Thankfully, our city was not damaged directly, but just north, south, and west of us had destruction. The storms affected the regional nuclear power plant, so we were without power for five days. That means no lights, no appliances, no chargers, no hot water, nothing! We also didn't have cell service for a few days, and our landline was out for six days. Our perishables all perished (fridge, freezer, deep freeze goods, etc.), but other than that we were unscathed.

It was a surprisingly relaxing time in the neighborhood. We had beautiful weather on Thursday and Friday after the storms, so everyone was out in their yards sunbathing, reading, playing, grilling, etc. We walked the dog twice a day, got some outdoor chores done, washed my hair in a big storage tub in the backyard (I say "we" because Jeff was definitely instrumental in helping me accomplish that), enjoyed candlelit dinners every night, and generally unwound. Life is back to normal now (with a much cleaner fridge and freezer than usual ;-), but we will have fond memories of the "unplugged" lifestyle.


  1. Glad to hear you're okay. :) I've been wondering about our brethren in Alabama and the surrounding areas that have suffered so much lately with tornadoes.

  2. We are glad to hear you are doing well!

  3. Thanks for your concern. Two brethren in Alabama did lose their homes, but everyone is safe. Even in that, the circumstances seem to be working out for those members to rebuild or move on, though prayers for them in the details are still needed.