Friday, August 12, 2011

Easier flooring

I posted about the linoleum removal last time. That is slow going! But a more rewarding flooring choice fell in my lap last week.

I absolutely love Craigslist. I don't know how people furnished their homes before it existed! But it is often hard to find good things since we are in a relatively small metro area. So whenever we travel, I try to find time to peak at the CL postings in my destination city to broaden my choices. Since we were hitting so many states last week, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

And wouldn't you know it, but I purchased a large handmade wool Indian dhurrie for just $30! The lady agreed to meet me at an easy-to-find location, since I wasn't very familiar with the city, and she was driving a silver BMW (I guess wealthy people like to buy and sell on CL, too). We had a nice chat and she disclosed the thousands of dollars she has spent on rugs, only to decide she doesn't like them after all. So I was the beneficiary of her fluctuating taste!


When I was later telling Jeff about this type of rug and its value, he wanted to know why we were standing on it! It's really a great piece and it has just the right colors for my kitchen (once it's remodeled ;-). And it also has the added benefit of disguising the current floor until I have time to pull up those vinyl tiles and refinish the wood beneath. I think that's a fantastic multipurpose deal for just thirty bucks!


  1. Thanks Anita! I know you're a big deal-getter, too, so I appreciate the comment from a fellow saver ;-). It's funny, I don't know about you but I had gotten to be a little embarrassed about shopping at thrift stores as a teenager. One of my fears was being seen coming out of a Salvation Army! But that soon faded and now I want the whole world to know what bargains can be found in the used hand-me-downs of society!