Friday, August 12, 2011

Slave Labor

I absolutely promise you I didn't make the girls do this! Jeff and I do feel it is important for children to have jobs and duties around the house, simply by reason of the fact that they live there and are members of the family. So we had my nieces do some light cleaning, daily dish duties, etc.

But I certainly didn't force them to paint outside for hours in the sun and humidity; they volunteered for it! Both girls are very artistic, and I guess the novelty of getting to choose and apply the paints of their choice was a real thrill (at least for the first hour).


I had mentioned that one (of our many three) porch swings needed a coat of paint because it was weathered and a bit rusty. The girls immediately asked if they could do it. So I got out my paint deck and we selected coordinating colors for the frame and swing. After spray coats of primer and paint to the chains, they were ready to let loose on the rest of the swing. You can't tell from a distance, but the wooden bench is a soft cream (SW Antique White) and the frame is a subtle sage green (BM Nantucket Gray); we think it will really look beautiful in the spring when the nearby tulip magnolia tree is in full bloom with showy lavender blossoms! Jeff positioned the swing to look out over the pasture so we can enjoy the view in the meantime.

The birds enjoy it, too. You can just make out a dove sitting
near the top of the swing frame taking in the morning!

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