Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The grass is always greener on the other side...

If I ever feel as though my measly one acre isn't enough land, I'll just go mow the whole thing with a push mower. That will reassure me that my 43,000+ square feet of lawn is plenty!

As we've only been "city folk" since marriage, we don't own a riding mower as yet. Our lovely friend (and mortgagee) from whom we purchased the house was kind enough to mow the whole thing just before we signed the contract. But with all the sun and (needed) rain, the green blades have been shooting up.

So this Sunday Jeff trimmed and mowed the front and large side yard. All that remained was picking up limbs and mowing the backyard. So that was my morning. And it almost stretched into afternoon! I even had to mow it on the highest setting the deck would allow because of how tall and thick the grass was in places. But if we can just make it through another month or so, I'm hoping we can find a great riding mower on clearance or Craigslist this fall. Here's to getting our exercise and vitamin D!

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