Friday, November 2, 2012

Potty Problems

first world problems

I really want to keep perspective. My new bathroom is too small. Okay, it's smaller than I wanted. Truthfully, it's a decent size bath; I've had bedrooms that were smaller! It's really just the proportions that are off. The framers made it wider and shorter than it was designed to be (partly because of a legitimate concern and partly because of mis-communication from the contractor to the framers). But then it was badly compounded by the fact that no one told us, and we had to find out days later on our own when we were measuring the room. It's not the square footage loss that is the real problem, it's the fixture placement and layout. I very carefully designed the room for maximum function and aesthetics and already purchased key items, and now that's all been thrown for a loop.

Since it was already done and our contract said it couldn't be changed, we settled on a pocket door to save space and allow us to use the vanities I already bought. I had to go get the framing kit myself from a distant lumberyard (a multi-hour ordeal) because they needed it that morning. Then the framer, who knew we were using an original, vintage door from the house, never measured the height of said door (which is very non-standard, as you can imagine), and now the header and pocket framing are installed three inches too high. I can't swap it for another door that is standard height because the opening and cavity were framed for my specific door width. And the framing kit is fragile-looking to begin with, so we don't know if it will survive them tearing it out and cutting it down and re-installing it. 

We really don't trust the framer to do anything more with the door at this point. We wouldn't even need a pocket door if the room were the right size! As the saying goes: good, fast, cheap; pick two. Well, I think we only got one of those (if you don't know which one, just look back at the title of the last week's post)!

 I try to remember that at the end of all this, we will have a bathroom with shower, tub, and sinks. I just hope it has a door!

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