Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cat Nap

Just as a follow up to the cute cat story, here are some even cuter sleepy cat photos. Not having had felines in my life before, I didn't know the truth behind the phrase "cat nap". Schrodinger can seemingly sleep anywhere in any position!

 photo photo-7.jpg
He's really asleep, not just looking at something!

 photo photo-8.jpg

I guess an exhausting day of paperwork at the office wears us all out!


  1. I wish I had those kind of napping skills.

  2. Yes, when he's laying on his back in the pile of laundry in the sunshine, I can understand falling asleep. But sitting upright and snoozing is definitely a skill. It would be very useful on an airplane, since recline these days seems to mean a measly five degrees or so!