Thursday, January 9, 2014

High and Dry

Well, it's rather pointless to strive for completion of the downstairs bathroom, as we have no water! Yes, we were one of the many affected after the polar vortex worked its abnormally cold temperatures in our area. We kept lines dripping at night, but inexplicably yesterday afternoon I suddenly had no water in the house. A little road trip down to our far-flung meter box, shut off valve and regulator revealed a bubbling spring of county water pouring into the pasture yet again (if you're wondering why "again", then you probably haven't had the pleasure of enjoying our first major water saga and its exciting resolution).

That distant water supply is going to be the death of me. Oh, to have a meter and shut off near the house like regular folks! The flood seemed to be coming from the actual utility box, which would be the water authority's responsibility. But when they got there and checked it, they determined it was "on the customers side". I.e., our dime! So I await the plumber yet again. I'm just thankful that I'm in with so many plumbers that I could get someone to come out the very next day in this week of frozen and burst pipes all over the country!

UPDATE: The plumber was able to repair the break the very next day. It was the piece of pipe running right under the meter box, so he thinks it was the weight of the box combined with the freezing and thawing ground that broke the line. We know our main is undersized and thin walled, so maybe come spring we can finally trench in a bigger, sturdier pipe and stop all these breaks!

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