Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walk of Life

Jeff and I had the last minute opportunity for a special ballroom dance class with a world class Latin dance instructor. Olga (all the best dancers are Russia, aren't they?) was the partner of one of the Dancing With the Stars professional dancers. So of course we jumped at the change for two workshops under her tutelage.

What might we have focused on for an hour an a half, you might ask? Walking! Well, not walking, of course, but basically the dance version of moving forward and backward. The more we get into ballroom dance (and consider competitive dance sport), the more we realize we don't even know how to move! So an hour and a half spent "dancing" forward and backward (rumba walks and cha cha locking steps, for those in the know) barely scratched the surface. But it gives us plenty to work on!


  1. Sarah, this is SO neat. I love hearing your dance stories, especially the story about Jeff, and his moves on your wood floors in the bungalow. :)

    1. Oh, dear. I've spotted a misplaced comma (tsk-tsk) ;)